Photographs by Ell.

Sottiles Cafe in Ashgrove is a place I have found to be a delight. Surrounded by trendy shops and a fresh fruit & vegetable shop, this establishment has a very modern but casual atmosphere. They serve Italian food of a delicious standard and I'm told the coffee is great too. The service was fast and simple, we got what we needed when we wanted it.

The prices are very reasonable, averaging $15 - $25 per meal. I'm sure many other places would be charging much more than $14.50 for such an amazing duck and mushroom risotto! It is more of an entree size but trust me, you don't need much more of such a rich and filling dish. (I took Josh, le boyfriend, along and this dish was filling for him!) That fresh, vibrant herb oil is a nice addition that cuts through the richness. Each serving has a generous amount of duck that has been braised so well it literally just melts in the mouth. Unlike other risotto's I have had, the rice is not gluggy at all - each grain sits separately from the others and is cooked to bouncy perfection.

The pizzas also seem to be great size, each topped with simple flavours that make an impact. Josh had the pizza on our second visit, I'm told you can really tell they are wood-fired. We agree that this flavour always adds to the genuine Italian-ness of pizza.

Often I find myself craving the risotto and, lets face it, who doesn't love Italian? Yep, sometimes you just need to take a trip to Sottiles. How unfortunate!

Score: 4/5 (Simply because I haven't ventured from the duck risotto!!)
Address: 1/10 Stewart Road, Ashgrove, QLD 4060