Appetito - The Rocks, Sydney

WALK past and Appetito looks like the cosiest, warmest, most down to earth place on the block. There is a short line to enter but our seat is secured and we fit in like puzzle pieces - it's busy.

The table next to us are enjoying a beautiful antipasto platter, complete with some amazing crusty bread, but we opt for the Gamberi pizza and the Pea and Taleggio risotto (a special on this night). We were soaking up the warm atmosphere and thanking our lucky stars that we arrived early to snag a table when our meals arrived. The huge pizza seemed to skim the hallway walls as the waitress avoided other diners. Luckily its crust was thin, and we all know what that means... more room in our tummies! Everybody around us finished their pizzas and seemed to have really enjoyed it. The pizza cost around $27, which, considering the size and ingredients, is quite reasonable.

Upon ordering my risotto I was advised that it would be cooked al dente, and that is was. I could eat a bowl of baby peas every day (and sometimes I do) so I found this to be a nice, simple meal. The peas were sweet and fresh and the taleggio was the perfect cheese accompaniment; like two peas in a pod! Upon arrival at our table, all I could smell was that fragrant cheese but the first mouthful dismissed any doubts I had regarding flavour balance. I'm not a huge seasoner, but this dish really did benefit from a generous pinch of salt and a sprinkling of black pepper.

The atmosphere was warm and quite romantic. The dim lighting may benefit from being a tiny bit brighter as the food is so rustic and beautiful and each table has a lovely fresh flower in a vase. It's nice to dine at a place where such simple food is obviously valued by the staff and customers. I love this simple way of cooking and eating; you can expect a pea risotto recipe soon!

I'm thinking, 3.5/5