The Upfront Club
31 Maple Street, Maleny

AT 10am on a Monday the main street of Maleny is (surprisingly) busy, which makes it hard to find a table for breakfast. The Upfront Club draws a crowd for breakfast; some hide, entrenched in a newspaper, others pay attention to their loyal pooches and the others can be seen having a laugh over mugs of frothed up beverages.

Having waded through the bustling cafe, we found a cosy table right next to the kitchen (hooray!) and opened up the menu to find a wide range of simple breakfasts. Josh opts for a Bacon & Egg Sandwich on Turkish Bread but my sweet tooth just cannot be denied. It was the French Toast with Banana and Maple Syrup for me!

Our meals soon arrived and somehow relieved us (or our minds, at least,) of the chill in the air. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the size of the meal and the lovely old waiter asked, "Who is having this big one?!". I replied with a raised hand and an unsure smile.

Josh wolfed his breakfast down after helping me peel each banana half from its skin. (I'm glad the napkins were big.) I cut up my 'narnies', shared them out atop the caramelised slices of french toast and slathered it all in a good helping of maple syrup. Must say, the ratio of banana to bread was absolutely spot on and I even had maple syrup left over. (Not much, but there was some.)

Sometimes I find that french toast can be soggy, sweaty and over-spiced but this was crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly right the way through. The cinnamon was there, but barely, and the bananas were grilled to a soft, sweetened state. The maple syrup glued it all together and left me with a full tummy and most importantly, a happy sweet tooth.