Posh Peas

Twice last week I enjoyed a big bowl of peas for dinner. The first night was my usual microwaved baby peas with butter and pepper - so simply delicious. The next night, I figured that if I was actually going to have peas again I should probably mix things up a bit. Cue French inspiration the July issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller! The recipe I spotted had a big long French name and a few ingredients I didn't have so (once again,) I strayed from the recipe… only to create something quite scrumptious!

My new posh pea dish took a little more effort than 4 minutes in the microwave, but it was easy enough to make on a rainy Thursday night when I didn't want to leave the couch. I could probably have eaten all 500g of this dish but Josh (who doesn't usually like peas,) enjoyed it too. Soften the onions and crisp up the bacon to combine with those beautifully sweet little peas. The chicken stock is a flavoursome soup-like addition which is perfect for lazy winter nights.

What you'll need:
1 red onion, sliced thinly
2 rashers bacon, fat and rind removed, diced
50g butter
1 cup chicken stock
500g frozen peas

What to do:
Fry the onion and bacon in a large frypan until the onions have softened and the bacon has caramelised.

Add the butter and let it melt. Pour in the stock and add the peas. Let it cook for 5-7 minutes or until the peas are soft and cooked.

Season with pepper and grate over some parmesan cheese. Enjoy! 

NOTE: For anybody who isn't that keen on peas - I hate normal/adult peas because of their thicker outer and almost chalky inside but I love baby peas! They are so sweet and fresh and they just explode in your mouth. I'm definitely not getting paid for it when I say that my Mum is right, McCain's snap-frozen baby peas are the best!