DUTCH Carrots, to be exact.

I don't really like those fibrous, sometimes tart, 'normal' carrots. Some people can gnaw on them all day but I've never been that way inclined. In fact, I remember my parents drowning roast carrot slices in honey and sesame seeds when I was little. Cheers to Mum and Dad for trying but my tastebuds were so very unobliging! 

After over 10 years of avoiding this veg, I noticed them in my local supermarket in early June. I couldn't resist cooking such lovely things that win major points for appearance, taste and texture. They're cute, colourful, sweet and tender and when I eat them I like to imagine little bunnies hopping around eating them. Anyway, snap out of that. I roasted these carrots and enjoyed a dinner with greens and oranges, which is apparently very important in winter. 

Orange fruit and vegetables are jam-packed with Vitamin C, potassium and Vitamin E to inject you with antioxidants, help your immune system function at its best and prevent disease. The purple carrots are known to contain almost 30 times the amount of antioxidants as their orange counterpart holds so eat up!