Blood Orange

I was distracted by a vibrant flash as I sped through the market on my way home one day. The bright orange rind is marbled with dark red bruises. The flesh of a blood orange is stained by the remarkable red juices that run like a drying watercolour painting. It's softer than your typical orange and the white pith is barely there, making it that bit sweeter. 

The blood orange is seedless like a Navel but nowhere near as acidic as the sour Bergamot orange. We all know about the fabulous nutritional value oranges hold and their more colourful cousin is basically identical. One blood orange will provide your daily intake of Vitamin C and (for the calorie counting folk out there,) they only contain 80 calories. With no seeds and very little pith I recommend enjoying the fruit simply with a sprinkle of sugar or in my delicious and easy Roast Fennel & Blood Orange Salad