Borlotti Beans

I like to think of borlotti beans as the jelly beans of the savoury world. This Italian import is very different in taste and texture to any jelly bean I've eaten! The magenta-flamed pods caught my eye as I walked through the local market and I just couldn't fight the intrigue. Their leathery pods peel apart to release a fresh smell and reveal the treasure; glossy, speckled beans. I scooped handfuls of pods into a brown paper bag and skipped (yes, skipped) along to the checkout. I knew exactly what I would do with them…  

I got home, excitedly harvested the beans from their shells and boiled up a lovely Borlotti Bean and Porcini Soup. The beans are nutty, earthy and sweet but there is more to them than a hearty flavour. Like most beans, borlotti's are little gems of iron, potassium, fibre and energy! Cannellini beans are the cousin to this cutie and they're just as good for you, but remember to soak any dried beans overnight before use.