Three years ago, I sat in the Augustina Brau in Salzburg, Austria, with my parents as they enjoyed the 'bier' from a traditional monk's brewery. (Ironic concept, isn't it?) Steins spotted the large drinking hall like white polka dots on the chiffon blouse I wish I were wearing. But it was a snowy winters day and my parents, being keen beer 'testers', had been eager to make it to this brewery ever since we arrived in Salzburg. It always feels like Christmas in that amazing city, even in Summer.

Between the beer drinking and pondering how many beers the bearded old men in the hall had enjoyed, my Dad raced off and came back with a plate of white, almost translucent shavings. We all had a nibble of this, erm, stuff, and immediately got this whack of a fresh yet strange spiciness. I asked what is was and, with an excited crescendo and curl of the tongue, the old Austrian woman who sold it said, "it's Radish!".

I've tried this little cutie a few times because I really want to like it more, but I'm not sure that I do. It has the texture of raw potato but possesses a peppery, vinegar-like flavour. It's quite different, but I must admit that I have enjoyed it in many dishes at Quay and more recently, in a salad I made… That one will be shared soon.