Trying to juggle stylepot with two-hour lectures, weekly writing tasks, early mornings, late nights, car park hunting, tutorials and energy-draining essays was worth it because I have graduated from university! As I sat through the ceremony, weighed down by a cardboard hat, a (fuchsia-trimmed) wizards' robe and the strange feelings that accompany a piece of paper representing $15,000, exciting plans for stylepot whizzed around and around in my mind. There are a few life changes coming my way, so I figured that it was a fitting time to make changes and developments online too.

stylepot has a brand new Facebook page and it's pretty cute. Be sure to visit it here and click 'like' to stay up to date with the latest in posts, tips and tricks, and competitions. For all you little tweeters, come and join the cool club by following me on twitter. Also, my double-vanilla milkshake ice-blocks are featured on page 29 of IZE Magazine, so don't forget to check them out! IZE Mag is a great Brisbane-run and focused magazine that surprises me with every issue.