I am Ell, a 20-year-old writer and graphic designer with a huge passion for food styling and photography. Food and I have long been the best of friends. Picking sticky, fuzzy green beans from Nan's garden when I was little was like shaking hands with a stranger and knowing that, one day, we would be married. I made my first ‘cookbook’, complete in the plastic pockets of an arch-binder, at the age of ten and still believe that I have an extra stomach just for dessert.

Tools of the trade include an overflowing notepad, an abundance of Artline fine point felt-tips, my trusty Nikon D3100 and an ever-hungry sweet tooth.

If you want to know more, check out this Q&A I did with IZE Magazine and have a look at my photographic portfolio here.

This is a personal food blog, created and written by me. I cook all the food, and I style and take every photograph (unless otherwise stated). Please ask before you use my work and be sure to credit me. If I am ever paid or compensated in any way for a post, I'll be sure to let you all know, but all comment is my own opinion. If you’re interested in working with me commercially, please send me an email at stylepot@live.com.au